Moving on

As a child matures to an adult, they outgrow the expertise of children's health services and need to move into adult health services. This is especially important if you have a chronic condition that requires ongoing treatment.

Transition takes time and is a process that occurs over many years, to allow time for the young person and family to plan their future health care with the health team.

Some young people with complex health needs, aged 14-21 years can have a Transitional Nurse Co-ordinator to help support and guide them and their parents/carers from children's to adult health services.

An NHS Transitional Nurse Co-ordinator:

  • coordinates the transfer of health care from paediatric to adult services, for young people with complex physical health needs or with life limiting conditions throughout Hertfordshire

  • links with the following agencies: Health services in the acute and community sector, children's schools and families, health and social care, voluntary agents and Hospice care.

  • acts as a resource on health care matters to young people, their families and multi discipilinary teams

  • coordinates training for carers, based on the young person's individual health care needs

Gina Boamah,
Transitional Nurse Coordinator, Hertfordshire

Find out more from:

Health Transitional Service
Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust
Peace Childrens Centre, Peace Prospect
Watford WD17 3EW

Telephone 01923 470680 / email


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