Hertfordshire County Council supports launch of Deafblind e-book

During Deafblind Awareness Week 24-30 June, Hertfordshire County Council  (HCC) attended a Reception in the Houses of Parliament to support the launch of an e-book written by deafblind residents, some of whom were Hertfordshire residents. Guest of Honour was Marsha de Cordova, MP and Shadow Minister for Disabled People (pictured right).

Two of county council's deafblind service users and HCC Sense Manager, Clark Mullen contributed their unique accounts of living with a sensory loss, for the e-book entitled 'Personal accounts of living with sensory loss in 2019'

The e-book, available online in our sensory publications,  is a collection of personal stories from deafblind people from all walks of life across the UK, and outlines the challenges that they have faced and overcome.

Hertfordshire County Council works with adults and children who are blind, visually impaired, deaf, hard of hearing or deafblind, with the aim of making lives easier for them and their families by providing information, advice and assessments for services and equipment.

If you know of someone at the start of navigating the system of sensory services, make sure they read our comprehensive Pathway of Sensory Services for what to do.

You'll also find fact sheets and more information on the Sensory Services website

Marsha de Cordova, Shadow Minister for Disabled People who gave a speech at the Parliamentary launch of the e-book.


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