Coming to terms with vision loss with Herts Vision Loss Counselling Service

Confused?  Don’t know which way to turn?

It helps to talk, especially when you are listened to!

It takes time to come to terms with a visual impairment. You may experience a range of emotions including shock, denial, anger and a sense of loss. It may take you some time to accept your condition.

The emotional impact can be overwhelming for some. At times like this it helps to talk to a counsellor who understands the emotional impact and challenges of living with sight loss.

If you are losing your sight, or are caring for someone with sight loss, then please do get in touch.

Why counselling?

To give you an opportunity to explore, talk and find ways of doing things differently, towards a greater well-being.

Is something worrying you?

Talk to someone who will listen! Someone who will not judge you or tell you what to do but will give you space to explore and make sense of your thoughts and feelings.

Is it confidential?

The counsellor works in strict confidence and will not talk to anyone without your permission, unless you are in danger.

Do I have to pay for my counselling?

Counselling is often expensive. We recognise that finances may be challenging. As such we ask for a small £10 donation for each session, although the initial assessment is free. If you are concerned about this then do contact us.

Counselling takes place at

Herts Vision Loss
The Woodside Centre
The Commons
Welwyn Garden City
AL7 4SE.

To make an appointment contact HVL by phone 07464 548618 or 01707 324680,

or email

Both are confidential.

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